About Company

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About Product

Mining and mineral management helps you to generate Form F11 and F11a monthly and annual Ravanna Reporting according to the format of department of mining and geology govt. of Rajasthan.WE corporate mergers and acquisitions, with focused attention to diligence issues unique to the mining industry.Litigation affecting mining projects, including environmental and permitting challenges to rules and ordinances and enforcement proceedings.

Software Features

  • Add New Mines & Minerals
  • Add Daily Ravanna Entry
  • Check Annually Mines Reports
  • Advance Date wise Mines Reports
  • Advance Party wise Mines Reports
  • Mines Reports Truck No. wise
  • Advance Products wise Mines Reports
  • Advance Monthly Khanda/Pit No. wise Mines Reports
  • Party wise & Factory wise Mines Reports
  • Advance Quality wise Mines Reports
  • Royalty wise(Government & Contractor Bases) Mines Reports

Pricing Plan


Free /30

  • Single user
  • Single Mine


16,000 /per

  • Multi user
  • Single Mine


24,000 /per

  • Multi user
  • 3 Mines


30,000 /per

  • Multi User
  • Multiple Mines